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A few of my favorite recent creative support projects.

Ongoing creative and technical support for small businesses. From marketing collateral to social media management and reliable website maintenance. 


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01. Lori Rice

Create a lead magnet PDF for website to lead visitors into her new online course. PDF printables for online course and a homepage glow up to better explain and guide visitors to her services and  new courses. 

the vision

Lori Rice is a food and beverage photographer, stylist, and writer working with major food and drink brands, agriculture boards, magazines, and cookbook publishers.

the brand

02. Hoyt Family Vineyards

Update the online shop and presence with a new e-commerce system, and capture new product and marketing photos to promote the wine and vineyard experiences. 

the vision

Hoyt Family Vineyards is an award winning small lot, hand crafted, estate grown winery in Paso Robles, CA. 

the brand

03. Honeycomb Home design

Set up Mailchimp account for Honeycomb Home Design and create templates for monthly marketing email campaigns. 

the vision

Honeycomb Home Design is a premium interior design studio creating timeless interiors with a modern edge. 

the brand