Chelsea Potter Nutrition

Francesca Lee Photography

AprÈs Sweat

A few of my favorite recent branding projects.

Carefully curated style guides complete with original logo designs, color palette, and typography to create a memorable brand. 


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01. cHelsea Potter Nutrition

Create a brand for Chelsea Potter Nutrition that feels light, relaxing, and happy with a neutral color scheme and elevated feel. The result is a complete brand design from logo to curated fonts and color palette. 

the vision

Chelsea is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist focused on helping women with anxiety, PMDD, IBS and offers Self Care Coaching and Personalized Nutrition.

the brand

02. Francesca Lee Photography

Create a brand for Francesca Lee Photography that is bright, bold, and colorful. A logo and feel that reflects her personality and her charm.  

the vision

Francesca Lee Photography is a New York City based photographer capturing photos as bright and bold as her clients love. 

the brand

03. aprÈs sweat

Health driven. Social responsible. Environmentally conscious. Create a logo, brand elements, and landing page for  Après Sweat that speaks to young, active, and social demographic. 

the vision

Après Sweat is a community built on taking care of people and the planet. Maya is creating a brand and a product that will go hand in hand with her love of fitness and saving the planet. 

the brand