What if you had a website that could actually help you grow your business?


Get your website online, Whether you are just starting or already in business.

It is time to have a website that you are proud of and that works for your needs.
This Build-It-Yourself Website Design Course is 6-weeks of in-person training and creating where you will craft your own gorgeous website. Not only will you have a fully functional website by the end but you will understand how to manage your site and attract your ideal client.

So… are you ready?


have a site that you love and that loves you back

Build it Yourself with this 6-week Course



This course will provide you with the strategy behind creating a website that works and converts. Having a good performing web presence is intentional and this is where it all begins.


Tech Skills

You don’t have to be a technological genius to create an impactful website. With Squarespace’s easy to use templates and design PLUS my guidance you will feel empowered sitting behind your computer screen and working on your website.



The most important thing about this course is that you will leave with a completed website and the knowledge of the strategy behind it. You have learned a new skill that will help you to continue growing your business.




01. Site Planning & PREP

  • Define your site goals & visitors. We are going to get clear on your sites primary objective (sell product, book clients, grow email list, convert followers, etc) and create a behavior flow that leads to conversion!

  • Brand Identity. Branding is so important for a business to set you apart in the market place and attract your ideal customers. We will cover the basics of your branding from typography & colors to photography and graphics.

  • Preparing content. From SEO & keywords to copy that converts. We will begin to cover this from week 1.

02. Wireframing & Configuring Squarespace

  • Wireframing. Wireframing is a way to design a website at the structural level. Grab your pen and paper and draw out what you want your site to look like and make a roadmap of the site.

  • Configuring Squarespace. We will start getting you comfortable with the in’s and out’s of the platform and a tour of where you can find everything.

  • Template Overview & Functionality. Learn about the different features of each template family and feel confident with your choice before you start building.





03. Let the building begin!

  • Step by step set up. Start creating pages and placing blocks and images and text. Put your knowledge your learned in the previous weeks to good use and start building.

04. Building continues & Refine

  • Just keep building! Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will continue putting together your site this week.

  • Refine. As you are building you will receive feedback from your peers and me and make sure your site is coming together according to your plan.

  • Extend Functionality. We will discuss the options you have for making sure your site is going to work for your needs. We will discuss things like Google Analytics & Email Marketing connections.





05. Peer Review & Test

  • Peer review. This is invaluable! Pair up with a partner and go through each others sites and give constructive feedback on the behavior flow. Often we are too close to our own creations. We have thought it through over and over we don’t see what is right in front of us. Lean on your peers to see how they navigate through your site. Does your behavior flow work as you planned?

  • Test. Test links and functionality. We are getting this bad boy ready for it’s big debut. It is time to make sure everything works as it should.

  • Launch Hype. Get your social media channels involved and let’s get your followers as excited as you are for your new site! We will discuss a plan for announcing your launch.

06. Go Live!

  • Domain Connection.

  • Website Checklist. Together we will go through my website checklist to make sure you are all set to go live!

  • Life after Live. Let’s cover what you need to know about what to do now that your website is live and make sure that it is performing to the best of it’s ability.



So, is this course for you?

this course is for…

Any small business owner! Whether you are just starting out with your business and site, or you are an established business with a website that doesn’t reflect your brand and purpose. Feeling overwhelmed with how to move forward with your online presence? I will teach you the marketing strategies behind your website as well as how to build a beautiful first impression. If you are ready to level up your online presence then you are in the right place!

Final details

Cost: $300

Dates: May 23rd to June 27th, 2019

Location: MCSC’s Women’s Business Center
71 Zaca Lane Suite 130, San Luis Obispo, CA


Meet Nikkole  

I am a website designer and graphic designer who supports small business owners and entrepreneurs to create an online presence and brand that they love! I am here to help you attract your ideal client and grow your business online. I can’t wait to help you create a kick-ass website and empower you to take ownership over your online presence.

If you have questions about this course, please read the FAQ below or send me a message here!

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Here are some answers to Those frequently asked questions about this course.

What technology do I need to have? How tech savvy do I need to be?

You will need to have a personal laptop that you can bring to class for the
6-week period as you will be building your own website. You should be comfortable using your computer and be familiar with the internet and how it works. You do not need to know anything about Squarespace to start.

6 weeks seems like a long time. Can I get a site any faster than this?

It is! BUT, during these 6 weeks you will take complete control of your website and your site goals. This takes time to plan out and implement. If you are hoping to have a website faster you should consider hiring a web designer. Note that most designers are not available to start immediately and will need some lead time. Once they get started it will still take approximately 4-6 weeks for them to build and revise. Costs of simple web design is from $2,000-$5,000. You have probably been putting off your website longer than 6 weeks and been concerned about time and cost. This workshop is a steal and I can promise you will never be offered at this low of a price again.

What platform will we be using?

We will be using Squarespace to create your website.

What is the amount per month I can expect to pay for squarespace after the free trial runs out?

The typical Squarespace trial gives you 2-weeks of free access to create your site. Through the workshop you will have the entire 6-weeks to play and create the site. When you are ready to commit to squarespace and go live you can expect to pay the following for the platform: Pricing Guide. Receive a 20% discount on your first year as part of the class!

Do I need a domain?

Yes, you will also need to be prepared with a domain. You can purchase your domain name through a company like godaddy or through Squarespace itself. This will typically cost $10-15/year.

What if I just started my business?

Congratulations! This is the perfect time to take this course and create a website that shows off your new business! We spend the first 2 weeks getting clear on your site goals and ideal customers, if you are a new business you might still be figuring this out. What a better time than now to get started.

What if I already have an established business/website?

This course works for all small business owners at whatever stage they may be. If you are an established business and you have found yourself on my page, I assume it is because you might be experiencing some website shame and are wanting to refresh or re-do. This course will help you get clear on your website goals, messaging, content, behavior flow, and design so that you have a site that works for you. If you have an existing site and are wanting to migrate your content to Squarespace and start fresh with this workshop, please contact me! I can help you with this process before class starts as we will not cover it in the class.

What to expect?

This is a 6-week intensive website building course! This class only works if you do. You will need to bring your website content and homework to each class. I will guide you through the planning process and the technology but I cannot do all the work for you. Get ready to empower yourself and your website. You can do this!

What do I need to be prepared for this class?

The best homework you can do before class is to start doing your research. What is your competition doing, locally and globally? Where do you want to fit in with that. Find 3-5 websites that you like and get specific on what you like about them and also what you don’t.

SEO! What is it, will we cover it, how do I make sure my site is findable?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is how people organically find you and you website online. We will absolutely cover this in the class. In fact, we will discuss it in week 1 as it is an important part of your website and planning.

Are you ready to put your business online?

Any other questions you might have that are not addressed above,
please reach out to me for answers!